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Let’s sign ALL the Bedroom Tax petitions

On Friday NCC LOLs posted a blog post giving some thoughts on the Bedroom Tax and Nottingham City Council’s response to it. This included mentioning the petition they’ve started and encouraging readers to sign it, but adding “Just please make … Continue reading

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Unity:Nottingham 2010-04-25

Also on Sunday evening I attended “Unity:Nottingham“, an event celebrating the bringing together of cultures and races in the city, in an upstairs room at the Cape Bar on the corner of Victoria Street and Pelham Street. I got there … Continue reading

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A new discussion group for Nottingham – plans!

A few weeks ago I started “A new discussion group for Nottingham” on Facebook, following discussions on “Pub Philosophy” in the Nottingham Book, Film and Cafe Sci Group. An hour or two ago I checked the group for almost the … Continue reading

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Chemtrails over Nottingham 2010-04-23

Earlier today I took several photos of chemtrails being formed over my home area in Nottingham. I was reading from my conspiracy-interested friends all day about how planes were back in the sky spraying chemtrails after a hiatus of some … Continue reading

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