A new discussion group for Nottingham – plans!

A few weeks ago I started “A new discussion group for Nottingham” on Facebook, following discussions on “Pub Philosophy” in the Nottingham Book, Film and Cafe Sci Group. An hour or two ago I checked the group for almost the first time since then, to find that a few people had been posting on the group wall and I’d not even known! Clearly it’s time I did something with it, so I’ve put the feelers out for a first meeting.

I’m thinking of a couple of hours on a weekday evening in a quietish bar or café in central Nottingham sometime in mid to late May. We probably won’t have a proper topic to discuss, instead it’ll be the future of the group. But it’s a start!

I don’t know whether this project will really take off but I have to say I really think there ought to be a group like this in Nottingham. We need to be discussing important issues publicly, airing different opinions, meeting people of unlike mind. At least I have found a few keen folks already, I look forward to finding more.

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