Meeting with Clare Astle

I had a meeting in town at lunchtime on Friday 21st May with Clare Astle of the NHS city Asperger’s service, at the Homemade Café. It was really good, I’d previously only talked to Clare by email and we got to know each other’s activities really well. Clare is about to start a major project involving a “Community of Interest” of local people with a stake in Asperger’s, i.e. people with it, parents and carers, healthcare professionals who work with it, charity workers, volunteers, researchers etc. and she invited me to take part, which of course I am very happy to do. 🙂 As I remarked to her, it seems like opportunities and projects for people with Asperger’s are actually springing up all over the place now, where a few years ago the situation looked difficult and bleak. I’m actually becoming optimistic about the future of my activities in this area.

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2 Responses to Meeting with Clare Astle

  1. Polly Shearlaw says:

    Hi Matt,
    I wonder if you know of any targeted support for people to get into work ? My son (19) has a diagnosis of Aspergers. He managed ok at school, but no academic success (also profoundly dyslexic).
    He’s now unemployed and needs not just a job, but a job where they have understanding to explain really clearly each task and give him time to learn ( and not think he’s rude if he doesn’t make eye contact, joins in other people’s conversations inappropriately etc etc).
    I tried NAS a few years ago and they had no support for young adults. If the situation has changed perhaps you could give me contact details of a link person ?

    • Hi Polly – nice to hear from you! The short answer to your question is: no I don’t know! I haven’t looked deeply into services available to help adult Aspies into employment. Do you know about the NAS’ Prospects service? It does say “Some of our services are offered across the UK, others in specific areas” and about the advice to job-seekers “These services are primarily London-based”.

      Besides the NAS there is also NORSACA locally, altho it looks as tho they have even less employment-related services, about the closest thing is this. The best bet I’ve found so far is the county ‘infoscript’ website. You have to enter your data and then make a choice of Employment & Training.

      This sort of information is the sort of thing I’d like to have available in this group, but I haven’t got round to collecting it because I’ve been too busy with other things. Your son would be welcome to join and attend the self-help group. Also both he and you would be eligible to be part of the Community of Interest project which I am going to post about shortly.

      More later Polly, stay in touch, but I have to get on with other things right now!


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