I am Matthew McVeagh, currently 38, a resident of Nottingham in the UK.

I am interested in spirituality, truthseeking, making the world a better place, encouraging learning and evolution, networking and bringing people together, helping people, bringing order to the world, language, and indulging in sensual pleasures.

I try to avoid belief, but in practice I take it that the universe is complex and largely unperceived by us, with many more dimensions than the physical both in general and for the human being. Having been an atheist but never religious I am now an independently-minded spiritual seeker and esotericist, especially an astrologer and energy-worker and -healer. I think spirituality is the most important part of life and that everything we do works towards our karma and future learning beyond this particular incarnation.

Politically I am an anarchist, tho not a communist, and an environmentalist. I want to see a global human society in which people are brought up and organised to be free, equal and social, in harmony with nature. I think it is not only possible but vital and inevitable, and current political, economic, cultural and ecological crises are all leading to it.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which I was diagnosed with in 2005 when I was 34, having already gone thru school, university, a job and a couple of relationships. I am a fairly mild case, which means at the same time that I am more able than most with the condition and that people appreciate less that I have it. As with many other Aspies maladjustment to uncomprehending society has meant that I have had chronic depression and anxiety. These and other health conditions have meant that I have not worked for money for years, and have got used to a life of poverty on benefits, low self-esteem, lack of ambition and achievement, drifting, and social isolation.

In particular I have had problems with the area of intimate relations – sex and relationships. I have hardly had any experience of them, despite an ever-growing desire. Asperger’s and a little-known condition called ‘loveshyness’ have combined to deprive me of success and happiness in an area of life which is one of the most important to human beings emotionally yet in which there is so little public awareness, regard or help for those who are disabled from successful functioning.

However in recent years I have come out of my shell sufficiently to become socially active, gaining new friends and activities, doing voluntary work and activism, organising groups and events, building a public profile locally and online, aiming to make something of myself. I still have hopes of achieving some form of regular suitable paid work to support myself, altho I am not interested in ’employment’, a ‘profession’ or a ‘career’.

I currently divide my time between: spiritual, esoteric and energy work; voluntary work for an IT educational project called DAIN; ecological activism primarily in the Transition movement; working to improve the lives of those with Asperger’s Syndrome and related conditions; organising events in a local Social Activities group; contributing to the investigation of weather mysteries and conspiracies; and various other intellectual, social and political activities. If anything I have recently become too busy, where a few years ago I was largely inactive.

I have intended to do a blog for a long time and not done one. I find it hard to get round to posting on events and topics I want to tell people about – especially when I am so busy actually doing the things I might report on. 🙂 Even after starting it I find I have missed out events I wanted to post on, and wonder if I should go back to cover them. At this point I don’t know what future this blog will have. But I intend it to be a central web presence for myself in all my aspects, which are many and various.

I have many different sides to my life, operating in different milieux and social circles, some of which do not necessarily mix well, and I have often kept them separate for that reason. But I have never been comfortable with that compartmentalisation, nor with hiding away from the world as I have done most of my life, including on the internet. Some time ago I decided I would come out of the shadows and show the world what I am really into – and all of it in one place.

Some may be surprised at the interests and beliefs of mine that they are not so familiar with. But it is all a part of the one me. I am who I am, the complex and varied Mat McVeagh, and the sides of me you have already seen are just as much the real me too. When all’s said and done I have a lot of good to give the world, and if I am given a chance I will.

You can read the details of it on this website. 🙂