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Unity:Nottingham 2010-04-25

Also on Sunday evening I attended “Unity:Nottingham“, an event celebrating the bringing together of cultures and races in the city, in an upstairs room at the Cape Bar on the corner of Victoria Street and Pelham Street. I got there … Continue reading

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April Games Day

On Sunday the Nottingham Social Activities Group had its Games Day for April. We always have it in Fade/the Hard to Find Café, on a Sunday afternoon starting at 2. There were quite a few people there this time, but … Continue reading

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A new discussion group for Nottingham – plans!

A few weeks ago I started “A new discussion group for Nottingham” on Facebook, following discussions on “Pub Philosophy” in the Nottingham Book, Film and Cafe Sci Group. An hour or two ago I checked the group for almost the … Continue reading

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Chemtrails over Nottingham 2010-04-23

Earlier today I took several photos of chemtrails being formed over my home area in Nottingham. I was reading from my conspiracy-interested friends all day about how planes were back in the sky spraying chemtrails after a hiatus of some … Continue reading

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