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Café Sci: New Green Energy Tech

On Monday 24th May I attended an evening of Nottingham Café Sci, in which Prof. Saiful Islam of the University of Bath presented a talk on new environmentally friendly energy technologies, focussing on fuel cells and lithium crystal batteries. There … Continue reading

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Green Festival 2010

The Green Festival today was fantastic. I got there a little late, and certainly later than I’d told the TFF folks and VegSoc on Meetup. But it was really sunny and hot, everyone was half-naked, people were enjoying themselves, the … Continue reading

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St. Ann’s Allotments Open Day 2010-05-16

Yesterday, Sunday 16th May 2010, I attended an Open Day at St. Ann’s Allotments in the Hungerhill Gardens, St. Ann’s, Nottingham. It was an opportunity to see what is going on there, especially Ecoworks which is one of the major … Continue reading

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Chemtrails over Nottingham 2010-04-23

Earlier today I took several photos of chemtrails being formed over my home area in Nottingham. I was reading from my conspiracy-interested friends all day about how planes were back in the sky spraying chemtrails after a hiatus of some … Continue reading

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