Green Festival 2010

The Green Festival today was fantastic. I got there a little late, and certainly later than I’d told the TFF folks and VegSoc on Meetup. But it was really sunny and hot, everyone was half-naked, people were enjoying themselves, the Arboretum was packed, and there were loads of stalls and other attractions.

For some reason once I was in the gate I made an impromptu decision to photo-document all the stalls at the Festival. So I took pictures of every single one, several of some of them, plus plenty of the crowds, nature scenes etc. I ended up with 125 new photos! I deliberately charged up my camera battery to max before I went, after the experience at the St. Ann’s Allotments Open Day of it running out towards the end, but even so it totally drained by a certain point as I was leaving. But not before I’d successfully captured every stall!

Transition Forest Fields decided not to do a stall after all, so I just talked to people about the issues and got some good connections. Met a lot of people I knew, including the TFF folks and a few people from VegSoc. At about half past four I eventually went to Games Day at Fade not far away; many people had already come and gone but there was still a game of Jungle Speed going on which I joined in with. I then had a really good conversation with a really nice person, before heading up to Lyndon’s for a lovely meal with him and Eve. A great day even towards the end I was getting neckache turning into headache.

I’m afraid those photos will have to wait a while before uploading. 😉

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