Transition Forest Fields focus group

On the evening of Thursday 10th June Transition Forest Fields had a focus group meeting in the Poacher with Amanda Smith, of Transition Sneinton & St. Ann’s and the Transition Nottingham Support Group, as well as Nottingham Trent University, as part of a series of such occasions she is doing with the local Nottingham Transition groups to try to determine how they see the Transition movement and particularly the idea of a Nottingham EDAP project (Energy Descent Action Plan). It was an enjoyable occasion, altho only three of our number were there and we had to move out of the upstairs room because somehow we had been double-booked with a CAMRA committee meeting!

I already knew Amanda but for the other two it was a case of meeting for the first time really, and I think we all hit it off. Amongst other things we discussed how we first came to Transition, what activities we have done and are planning, Transition Markets, the question of structure and interrelation of different groups, the role of the Support Group, and especially the idea and practice of an EDAP. Can we really construct a plan to reduce Nottingham’s use of energy over the next 30 years so that it contributes proportionally to the world’s response to Climate Change and Peak Oil?

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  1. Well that’s nice and positive! 🙂 Thanks

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