Sumac admin meeting for June

I attended my first admin meeting at the Sumac Centre on Monday 7th June. They are held every first Monday of the month from 7:30 in the main bar room. This was only my second visit to the Sumac whatsoever. I arrived slightly late, and evidently there had already been a discussion for 45 minutes about what to do about ‘the kids’, the local children who had been coming into the centre at various times and sometimes causing trouble. Altho it was not still happening once I’d got there it was obvious there had been some heated exchanges, and a few people looked upset.

The meeting was very productive, making various issues known and resolving quite a few. I chipped in at various points. I was there primarily to volunteer my services in conjunction with Meirion in helping people with computing issues, in my case as a DAIN volunteer. That was dealt with; I also found myself volunteering to help with the library (as I’d always wanted to), and took the opportunity in AOB at the end to suggest that Transition Forest Fields and the Sumac should have closer links. When the matter of necessary plumbing work was raised I suggested finding someone on the Skills Exchange, which seemed to be received well.

After the meeting I was put on the Sumac admin mailing list, and have been receiving admin messages and contributing to discussions ever since.

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