ASD Book Group for May

We had the Nottingham ASD Book group meeting for May on Tuesday 25th, in the Lincolnshire Poacher. The book was Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin, one of the first autobiographies to be written by someone with an autistic condition. Daniel Acquah did a good job of talking about the content of the book, and he I and Linda had a good conversation. Because there were only three of us we stayed downstairs in the snug even tho I’d booked the room upstairs. We decided it was maybe a little hard for all attending members to commit to reading the book each time (and it has put some prospective members off) so we decided maybe we could have a new format of one attendee committing to reading and introducing the book, and the others not necessarily reading it till the meeting. We also agreed to continue on Tuesdays rather than Thursdays, and I said I would try to book the room in the Navigation pub for next time, altho in the event it was booked on the evening I wanted and I went for the Poacher again.

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