Ecoworks veg box pickup

A couple of weeks ago I started the process of getting a veg box (or bag) regularly from Ecoworks. I then didn’t follow thru with setting up a payment method, because I had financial difficulties and also was considering other options. I was then rung up on Thursday 20th May by someone at Ecoworks to say they had delivered the bag to the drop-off point – the YMCA at All Saints church in west Arboretum – for the previous two weeks and it had not been picked up. I hadn’t realised they were already delivering! I made a phone call back the following day and tried to sort the situation out.

The regular times for people to pick up the bag from their drop-off point are late Friday afternoon and late Saturday morning/midday. I decided I would go up to the venue late on Friday to see if my bag was there this week.

It was and I had a brief chat with the YMCA staff about what had happened. Apparently they’d just kept any bags not collected where they were and they had eventually gone off and started to stink the place out! Whereupon they chucked them. I told them what I had been told, that the local staff were allowed to use any veg not collected in time by the customer, but they said they had to check that.

Anyway it was an interesting start to a new source of organic(ish) veg, and an introduction for me to a part of the Arbo area west of Waverley St. that I didn’t really know. I don’t remember going past that church before. Actually it was a really nice evening, I think I didn’t take my camera but there were lovely photogenic views of garden flowers and other things in the courtyard area… maybe next time. 🙂

As it happened I had not really had any fruit or veg during the previous two weeks, when I could have picked up those bags. The irony has impressed me somewhat.

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