DAIN drop-in @ Skills Exchange

On the morning of Friday 21st May I was at a DAIN drop-in session at the Skills Exchange breakfast meeting of the Skills Exchange, a LETS-like project run by the Partnership Council, now in its new offices in the Tennyson building on Forest Road West.

This was the second such drop-in we have done at the Skills Exchange Friday breakfast, courtesy of Helen Rigby who runs the project and who met me and our co-ordinator Sofia at the Social Media for Small Groups WEA course some months ago. I was there this Friday with another DA, Tony.

Unfortunately there did not seem to be much interest in computing issues on this occasion and Tony and I suggested to Helen and Leslie, the other person running the Skills Exchange, that we organise a monthly drop-in at the Partnership Council specifically for computing (/digital tech) issues, publicised as such in advance.

However I did meet Andrew Martin of the Sumac there, and we had a good conversation and I got some pointers as to how I could volunteer at the Sumac.

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