Transition Forest Fields meeting 2010-05-05

On 5th May we held a TFF meeting at the house of one of the members. It was quite productive, actually I’d sent a lot of suggestions for agenda items and to get all (or most) of them in we had to move things along quite briskly. But we sorted out a set of projects and a series of dates, including quite a few collaborative ventures. I took notes and undertook to write them up and send them out to everybody, which I did. I also took on quite a lot of the tasks.

We planned to have a stall at the Green Festival coming up, the next Transition Market, and Hyson Green market some time in the future. We want to co-operate more with Transition Sneinton & St. Ann’s, which is a similar ‘inner city’ Transition local group; do Amanda Smith’s focus group for the EDAP project; and visit the Farmeco Community Carefarm in Screveton. We also plan to create some flyers, cartoons and videos to publicise what we’re doing. We planned to visit the St. Ann’s Allotments/Ecoworks open day on the 16th May. And actually there were lots of other resolutions that I can’t even remember right now.

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