TFF / TSSA meeting

Less than a week after our own meeting Transition Forest Fields held a meeting at the Lincolnshire Poacher with someone from Transition Sneinton & St. Ann’s, on Tuesday 11th May. We discussed three items:

  • Possible collaboration in a stall at the Green Festival
  • The upcoming Transition Market
  • General future collaboration between our two groups

The last item particularly interests me. The idea of a collaborative agreement between our two groups was first suggested by another member of TFF a while back, and I very quickly saw that it was a really good idea. The reason for it is that our two groups are based in less well-off inner city areas of Nottingham, whereas some of the other local groups are doing better because they’re based in somewhat better-off areas such as Sherwood, Arnold and West Bridgford. The original idea behind the collaboration proposal was to pool resources, e.g. equipment. The TSSA member was very enthusiastic about the idea.

Our discussion actually went further: after all there are other parts of inner city Nottingham not covered by our two groups, and we explored the idea of setting up dummy groups for those which could be grown into fully functioning groups on a level with ours. With whom we could then collaborate as well. 🙂 We also discussed how Transition Nottingham is structured, and our preferences for how it might be.

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