Sumac skillshare on food foraging

On Saturday May 15th I went to the Sumac Centre for the first time in my entire life (!) to attend a skillshare session of Foraging for Food. I thought it was going to be on freeganism (as in skip-diving), but the accent was more on finding wild food. We intended to go to the Forest Rec and/or Arboretum; in the end we didn’t really do either but we went to Screaming Carrot where I bought us some pittas and we combined those with some burgers and sausages from the Veggies tuck shop, for our own lunch.

Later on they were going to do the People’s Kitchen for that evening, but I was absolutely knackered thru not enough sleep so after a while resting and healing on the Sumac bar sofa I went home again. I was supposed to go out to a meal at the Kayal restaurant with the French Language meetup group, but didn’t feel like it and stayed in.

Once again there were several other events on on the same day which I’d like to have gone to as well, and couldn’t. The new Crocus Art Gallery – next to the Crocus Café in Lenton – had its opening day. West Bridgford had this year’s Summer Gathering. And the Theosophical Society had a talk a friend of mine was going to. Still I got to say hello to the Sumac for the first time, and instantly decided the kitchen needed cleaning. I’m volunteering for several jobs that need doing up there and hope to be at the next planning meeting.

I would like to go back and do some more skillshare workshops they’re a good idea altho this one was only sparsely attended.

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