Partnership Council open day

There was an open day for the Partnership Council in its new home of the Tennyson building on Forest Road West from 12 till 4 on Saturday 8th May. I intended to get there earlier but only managed the last half hour. And it was raining. Nevertheless I met various staff members either for the first time or again usefully.

The Partnership Council runs the Skills Exchange, a LETS-type project allowing people in an area to exchange jobs without having to involve money, thus freeing up people’s skills and labour from the conventional economy, useful in times of recession. I’ve long wanted to join it since I met the person who runs it some months ago, and after all I was co-ordinator of the Nottingham LETS scheme in 1999. Besides filling in my own personal form I also took away an organisation one for Transition Forest Fields since we’d made a decision to join it as a group.

I also talked with others about volunteering for gardening and other activities, and the Eco-House that is one of the Partnership Council’s ongoing projects. It has things going on in a variety of geographical areas, including some city-wide, but its main base of operations is NG7 Area 4 (Forest Fields, Hyson Green, Radford, Arboretum), which ties it in nicely with Transition Forest Fields (and Area) which has a similar catchment area.

There were several other interesting events on that day which I didn’t get to. I meant to try and do several and move from one to another, but in the end I got up late and only managed the Partnership Council open day. The city council was doing Eco-Teams training; the Nottingham Students Peace Movement had an all-day conference on The Politics of Migration at Nottingham University; and various other things were going on during the day e.g. at the Sumac. Crazy!

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