Eco-art/design exhibition opening @ Lee Rosy’s

On the evening of Friday 7th May I attended the opening night of an exhibition of ecological art and design by several local young artists/designers, called “Caught Up in the Frame of the Revolution”, in the downstairs room of Lee Rosy’s Tea Rooms on Broad St. in Hockley.

The exhibition is running till the end of May. This first evening involved a ‘private viewing’; I wasn’t sure what that meant and went along anyway. It turned out it was supposed to be for invited guests only, but I was told by Lee Rosy’s staff that I was OK to go down there anyway and did so. I had a good look at the work on display and did some good networking with the artists and a few other people there.

I was interested from the point of view of someone involved in the Transition movement and the cause of recycling as part of ecology, more than in terms of the art itself. Some of the design methods involve ‘upcycling’, which was a new word and concept for me: the idea of adding to the value of the materials recycled/re-used, rather than simply breaking them down to usually lower-grade materials – ‘downcycling’ – which is what most recycling in practice is. This is definitely a concept which deserves greater publicity and sharing.

One of the groups of artists is called “Alf Designs” – ALF not standing for ‘Alfred’ or ‘Alien Life Form’ but – Anti-Land-Fill! Which I think is a name and attitude that will go down well with environmentalists. Bethan Buss of ALF says she hates anything being thrown away, a feeling I certainly share.

I introduced the people I spoke to to the Transition movement and suggested they could usefully do skillshare workshops to spread their knowledge and creative skills to a wider group of people. It seems some of them are moving to Forest Fields really near the Sumac very soon, which will be rather handy. 🙂

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